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From expressions to terminology to lovely British trivia. Click on the re-fresh button to find more trivia or answer one of our British Trivia questions correctly to win discount codes and free tickets! You might just win 20%, 50% or even 100% off your next ticket. Seek and you shall be rewarded!
British Trivia

Ninety Nine (99) - When you visit England, go up to the ice cream van and ask for a 99. You will get a cone filled with soft ice cream and a Cadbury's flake - a long crumbly stick of chocolate. So good!

August 20 2014 SOLD OUT
Men (24-38)
Women (24-38)
Raven Bar
August 27 2014 Men (24-38)
Women (24-38)
Raven Bar  
September 17 2014 Men (22-34)
Women (22-34)
Raven Bar  
Civic Center / Tenderloin
September 09 2014 Men (25-39)
Women (25-39)
O3 Bistro & Lounge  
September 25 2014 Men (25-39)
Women (25-39)
O3 Bistro & Lounge  

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Beginning in the UK and moving my new brand of Speed Dating to San Francisco, it has been a whirlwind of fun since the moment we opened the doors. Seen on Bravo, CBS, VH1, Oxygen, Discovery and NBC to name a few - this London girl never expected such a following! We are chuffed to have such trendsetting singles and are thrilled to be bringing our unique brand of Speed Dating to San Francisco.

We are changing the San Francisco Speed Dating scene and attracting a more sophisticated crowd than ever before. Some have called us Speed Dating 2.0; others just can't get enough of the fun! Where we felt other companies lacked in San Francisco, we have set out to redefine. Organized & personable hosts, unparalleled service, Complimentary Make-Over's for the Ladies at select venues, plate after plate of gorgeous nibbles, the absolute best venues, and cash prizes - our SpeedSanFran standard. Bringing a new way to get cheeky in San Francisco!

Always available for our daters, call on us anytime.

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